It’s not actually. It’s a joke, but it’s funny.


DJs all over the world are now deliberately making mistakes during their mixes to prove to fans and critics that they are in fact real DJs.

The latest craze, known as miss-mixing, is proving very popular amongst digital DJs as a way of highlighting that they are actually manually mixing tracks rather than using the sync button.

Michael Briscoe, also know as DJ Whopper, spoke about miss-mixing with Wunderground, “Flawless mixing is now a thing of the past, especially for any up and coming digital DJs. You just can’t afford to mix without mistakes these days or you’ll be labelled as a ‘sync button DJ.’”

“I learned how to mix on vinyl years ago so naturally I’m pretty tight when it comes to matching beats,” continued the resident DJ. “I swapped to digital format a couple of years ago because it’s convenient, now I spend more time practicing making mistakes than I do practicing actual mixing.”

NSFW, but spot on!

Wow! Were to start with this video? The boys were clearly feeling pushed aside and could tell their relevance was in decline when they made this video for  1995’s “Something For The Pain.” I really don’t see how they felt this was going to help them stay relevant. This video has always stuck with as an example of rockers losing touch. Maybe they were just hoping they would inspire Toby Keith someday. Anway, here you go. Enjoy….?

Interesting. I like it.

This applies to so many products.


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